About Us

Welcome to the Desert Diva Events and Adventures site. You’re in good hands.

The company was founded by Marina Bruce (aka The Desert Diva) after having spent many years driving throughout the United Arab Emirates and Oman with friends. Marina wanted to share her experience and provide the chance for those who hesitated to go deep into the desert without the backing of a knowledgeable and experienced guide. Today, she is arguably the most experienced female offroader in the UAE and Oman.

Custom Travel Experiences

We’re here to ensure you have the safest and most rewarding adventure whether you choose to cross the inhospitable desert, pick your way through wadis or climb the mountain heights.
Off-roading always carries a risk. Sadly, the Middle East papers regularly report that a family has decided to go adventuring by themselves, have got themselves in difficulty and had to be rescued. You’ll find some off-roading tips for those who do wish to go to the desert but we hope that in reading about our trips, adventures and events that you’ll sign up for one and join us.

Building Memories

We aim to give you an experience you’ve never had before and one that will provide lasting memories of spectacular dunes and vistas.

Our very special thanks to Robert Haandrikman for producing such a wonderful video on one of our trips.

WE Got You Covered

Desert Wildlife

The desert environment can be a fragile one. We do our utmost to cause as little disturbance as possible so that others can experience the joy of finding life in what seems to be a lifeless spot.

Hotels & tours

While camping is a means to experience the remote areas of the Empty Quarter we realise that sometimes you can’t leave those luxuries behind. We’ve partnered with several hotels to ensure you have a relaxing evening before an exciting day.

Epic journeys

For those of you who want to discover and explore the entire area we cover with our trips, please contact us and discuss what your needs are. We’re certain we can cater for all your needs and provide you with a holiday you’ll never forget!