Jebel Ahkdar – The Green Mountain

Jebel Ahkdar is one of our favourite spots in Oman. There’s such a wealth of things to see and do with summer temperatures that are much lower than at the foot of the mountain.Temperatures



Long ago, the people on the mountain would trade in the markets on the plains. They would get to the market and complain how hot it was, saying that it was much cooler in their village 2000m high. Those on the plains didn’t believe them, how could it be cooler, they were nearer the sun!

We’re now all aware of the effect of altitude on temperature but we’re sure you’ll be surprised at the difference 2000 metres makes when the summer temperatures start to climb into the 40-degree mark. As a guide, you can expect temperatures to be about 10 degrees centigrade (18 degrees Fahrenheit) lower than at sea level. So this difference makes it an ideal spot to extend the camping season even if you do need a light jacket of an evening and an extra blanket at night.

Jebel Ahkdar is the Desert Diva’s place of choice not only for the temperate climes but because it has such a lot to offer. The mountain has been the home for its people for many centuries and over that time mankind has changed it to sustain family life. There are many gardens and plantations that grow fruits and vegetables without the need for constant irrigation as the mountain experiences a greater share of the desert rainfall. These provide not only shady spots to linger in but at certain times of the year glorious spectacle.

The rose harvesting season is such a time.

While we can’t truly say we’re offroading on Jebel Ahkdar, we do leave the tarmac and explore the tracks around the mountain taking in some fantastic views and vistas. The mountain also provides a chance to leave your mechanical camel behind and do a bit of trekking, exploring the abandoned villages and discovering panaramic views that simply beg to be captured on your camera.

We pick a nice flat spot where there’s plenty of room for everyone’s tent and room to set up the barbeque and camp fire. 

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